Simon Granroth

Voting region: Helsinki

"A voice for reason and compassion."

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My name is Simon Granroth, I’m a social psychologist, science communicator and the chairman of SPP in Helsinki. I represents a force for rationality and compassion, which reasons long-term and sustainably, and does not offer simple solutions to complex issues.

I have studied social psychology and law at the University of Helsinki and worked as a physiotherapist within both healthcare and sports rehabilitation. Since I graduated from Uni, I have had the pleasure to work as a science communicator - an important task which I both love and respect. Previously, I have served in the Finnish Rapid Deployment Forces and was in the readiness unit for two years.

I noticed that the common factor of professionals within the peacekeeping community and in healthcare was the drive to help people in need, leave no human being behind, and do their part in "the good fight". This sentiment resonates strongly with me.

I wish do my part in shaping our shared future, and I aim to serve as a force of reason and compassion, that I feel our politics and indeed our world needs today. If you wish to vote for a liberal society, where decision making is sustainable, compassionate and fact-based, I might just be your candidate.

Name: Simon Granroth
Year of birth: 1990
Town: Helsinki
Title: Science Communicator, Master of Political Science.
Email: granroth.simon@gmail.com
www: https://www.simongranroth.com/
Member in:

Important political topics

Research and innovation

Science. Truth and education have an intrinsic value for me. Good decision-making is based on the best available knowledge. The aims and objectives themselves are certainly always rooted in values and ethical considerations, but science is the method for gaining knowledge about how best to achieve these goals. I also believe that access to education and investments in research is the key to any successful liberal democracy, and to the well-being and freedom in society as a whole and of each individual.

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Climate and the environment

Sustainability. We cannot live beyond our means and systems must be balanced. Ecology sets the clearest and most absolute limits on how we can live together on this planet, but social and economic sustainability are also important. Fresh air, clean water and fertile soil are the basic requirements for human life and well-being, but close behind in the order of importance is the fact that a strong economy lays the foundations for all the societal functions that ensure social sustainability, from infrastructure to health care and education.

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Security and safety

Compassion. I believe we have a duty to take care of each other as human beings, and try to make the best possible lives possible for each other. It's about treating each other with respect and empathy. At a societal level, it's about security and trust in that we will take care of each other at all different stages of life, even in difficult times. But it's also about the freedom to decide for yourself how you want to live your life. That freedom is balanced with the freedom of other people to do the same. With freedom comes responsibility.

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