Phuong Dao (Betty Fvck)

Voting region: Helsinki

"Betty for Equality"

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I am Phuong Dao, and you may know me as Betty Fvck. I was born in Vietnam and moved to Finland in 2010. I am a PhD candidate in Hanken School of Economics; besides that, I am an artist and a producer of Queer events in Helsinki.

I love that this job has allowed me to reach so many people: LGBTQIA+ community, POC, immigrants and other minority groups of our society. I hear almost every day from people who are trying to find their ways, overcoming unjust obstacles daily to be their authentic selves. I speak often with those who struggle with a sense of differentness, who feel undervalued or invisible because of their skin color or an immigrant background. I have met people and showed them how we could raise our voices, create safe space for us and make the change towards true equality.

With all of these learnings and actions, I decided to make a brave decision in my life: become a candidate in the next Finnish parliament election. I am probably the first Drag Queen in the world to do so, but I will definitely not be the last because this opens so many doors for Queers, POC, and other minorities. I believe that one light feeds another and together our engaged community will ignite those around it.

I advocate for gender diversity, workplace inclusion, Queer families and improved trans law.

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Name: Phuong Dao (Betty Fvck)