Morris Liemola

Voting region: Helsinki

"Målmedveten Långsiktighet - Determined long-termism through responsible policymaking, showing faith in the future "

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My interest in politics originates from my personal background.

I am a 23-year-old student studying political sciences. I have experience in advocacy and project management as well as in leadership roles.

I come from a family with generations of entrepreneurs. Through work in our family business, I consequently touch upon the opportunities as well as struggles a smaller Finnish company can be faced with.

Besides studying, politics and entrepreneurship, I like to hang out with friends, exercise through boxing and football and be outdoors in the archipelago.

Name: Morris Liemola
Year of birth: 1999
Town: Helsinki
Title: Student, Vice-chair of the Swedish Youth
Email: morris.liemola@gmail.com
Phone: +358400293312
www: https://morrisliemola.fi/
Member in:

Important political topics

Children and youth

We must invest in and take care of the younger generations in our society.

Children and young people are the future.

Today´s youth shall not have to pay in the future for shortsighted decision-making here and now.

Safe and sound elementary education followed by qualitative further education, whether at a university or at a university of applied sciences/vocational school, set a foundation that serves both the individual and society as a whole.

A mentally and physically well-being younger generation is the key to a successful and sustainable Finland. A concrete way of achieving this is adopting the so-called therapy guarantee!

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Jobs and entrepreneurship

Without our businesses there are no welfare, nor workplaces.

Our welfare state is based upon well-being and functioning businesses and a satisfying level of employment - today and tomorrow.

The current state of the economy has to be handled responsibly. This means targeted support to those who really need it. This also means that long-termism must be prioritized over opportunistic quick fixes.

Small and middlesized businesses must be given a real chance to grow within a sustainable and predictable frame. This creates employment for our citizens - who in turn cannot be burdened by incentive traps.

Businesses that are sustainable over time must see their competitiveness protected. Necessary structural shifts have to be done, but only under fair and balanced circumstances.

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Finland has to be the country that looks after its students.

Especially students in universities and universities of applied sciences needs more attention. A brilliant elementary school has to be completed with an equally strong third stage of education.

These last few years have been testing us students both mentally and financially. As support we have merely gained praise for our "fighting". That is not enough.

Our nation's students need more than that. Therefore, I want to work on creating good opportunities for students to succeed in their studies and manage their daily challenges.

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