Markku Kanervisto

Voting region: Central Finland

"We must take care of the well-being of entrepreneurs and agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs and their business opportunities."

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Currently retired, previously worked as an entrepreneur. I am energetic, knowledgeable, cooperative, fair and social. I have also worked in municipal politics, company and association boards and a member of RKP's board in Jyväskylä

Name: Markku Kanervisto
Year of birth: 1954
Town: Multia
Title: Pensioner, entrepreneur
Email: markku.kanervisto@gmail.com
Phone: +358503665851
www: https://www.markkukanervisto.fi

Important political topics

Jobs and entrepreneurship

I want Finland to be economically balanced, where people have work
and businesses can thrive. We could alleviate the labor shortage in companies by easing the taxation of pensioners' additional income. I want it because it also lowers gift tax and inheritance tax.

The work must always be profitable, and the threshold is to establish a company and practice business activity must be low.

The basic livelihoods of agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs are important for our degree of self-sufficiency and for the Finnish social economy.

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Agriculture, forestry and fishery

Primary production and agriculture need all support: consumers, processors, industry, trade, financiers, administration, politicians. Primary production and agriculture must not be the playground of political decision-makers. The highest possible level of self-sufficiency in the production of food and energy (eg peat) is crucial for Finns. Decisions on forestry must be made at national level.
To secure agriculture, the price paid to producers, both national and EU support, must be stable and at a sufficient level, taking into account increased production costs. Generational change must be promoted, and the special needs of young farmers must be taken into account.

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Security and safety

National defense is important, its maintenance must be kept at a high level. The world has changed and people's idea of ​​defending our country is high.
Cyber ​​security has now become closer to reality for people, so as a country and state, we also need to be active in promoting even more activities that take place on the Internet. No one can be naive anymore, but we should go ahead and take care of our country's vital infrastructure.

It is necessary to be able to improve the well-being of young people in order to better empower young people and create security, both in the home environment and at school and on the roads.

Road safety is a somewhat less talked about topic, but road sanitation in Finland has begun to be in the weakest state compared to other European

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