Kristian Rehnström

Voting region: Uusimaa

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I'm an energy professional with a Master of Science degree having long experience of the market in several European countries. My family lives north of the airport in Vantaa. I was born in Espoo and have lived a long part of my life in Helsinki.

Socieltal issues are very interesting. I can work with them on a municipal level as deputy member of the city board. I want the service which society offers to be good.

The archipelago is very important to me. I've spent all my summers there. A long time hobby of mine is voluntary search and rescue, where I act both in the crew and as member of the board of the Finnish Lifeboat Institution.

Name: Kristian Rehnström
Year of birth: 1968
Town: Vantaa
Title: Master of Science (Tech)
Email: kristian@rehnstrom.fi
www: https://www.rehnstrom.fi
Member in:

Important political topics


Supply of emission free energy is a prerequisite to our welfare. We should as citizens be able to use electricity and heat to a reasonable price in our homes. Businesses, industry and the service sector have to be able to develop and invest in growth due to enough supply of energy on competitive terms.

In order to enable this, the energy sector should be incentivised to make investments in power plants and transmission lines. The most efficient way is market based, which is backed up by long-term and predictable taxation policy and smooth processes for permits. The green transition reduces emissions, which is essential to preserve nature and the climate.

We all need energy in our every day lives. Everything would stop without it. A strong energy sector supports the security of Finland and contributes to security of supply.

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I'm quite worried about the Finnish economy, which is in great imbalance.

We have to increase the employment rate so that more people participate in the working life. This should be supported through a pro-entrepreneurial and business friendly policy, which simplify employment of new colleagues and enable investments. Our good opportunities for education ensure the need for professionals. Increased income taxation is not an alternativ. The tax rates and progression is already too high to encourage work.

We need to prioritise our expenses. We can't in the long run use more money than we have. We need to be able to measure the impact of money spent. It needs to be efficient. Of course we need to see the human aspect. Thus, a mathematical "cheese slicer" model in cutting expenses would not in practice work.

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Finland should also from now on invest in education and research. Education should be free, to give the whole population equal opportunities to develop according to one's own potential. This is the basis for an equal and a fair society.

Good education starts with daycare which, apart from giving the parents a possibility to work, gives meaningful time and social skills in a safe environment to the children.

School should push children and the youth to learn basic skills, such as reading and math, as well as to develop as curious individuals. Where the upper secondary school works as a gate to the academic world, the vocational school should give equal opportunities to continue both to working life or to continued studies, for instance in an university of applied sciences.

Finance of the educational sector is important and it should enable high-level activities.

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