Kjell Törner

Voting region: Uusimaa

"For Finland's security. "Us well and no one bad"."

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I am Kjell, a retired colonel who has mostly worked with international military security policy issues. I chose to run to promote Finland's internal and external security and to integrate Finland within NATO. I stand for: society's bilingualism, safety and a high standard of education.

Name: Kjell Törner
Year of birth: 1965
Town: Porvoo
Title: Colonel ret.

Important political topics

Foreign policy and defence

Finland's security is based on shared Western values. We must be active in all forums and organizations. In this way, we can influence our country's future.

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Finland's success throughout its independence is based on a strong, developed educational system. We cannot afford to lose this.
Entrance exams to universities (1 day) could be scrapped, and instead the entire high school graduation grade (3 years) should be taken into account with greater importance, as in several European countries.

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Healthcare and social services

A functioning social and health care system in all municipalities, in both national languages, is a basic prerequisite for a healthy and productive society , where services can be produced and developed.

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