Johan Bardy

Voting region: Southeast Finland

"A liberal rightist for your safety and wellbeing. Taxes should encourage employment and investments. Reduce the public indebtedness. A vote for a constructive Nordic, EU and NATO policies."

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I am a father of two children and one grandchild. An attorney-at-law from Kotka.
I am a member of the City Counsil and City Board of Kotka. I am a member of the board of our political party and I am also chairing the local and circuit boards of our party. I am also chairman of the entrepreneurs of Kotka and the reserve officers club of Karhula.
My hobbies are literature, sailing and hunting.

Name: Johan Bardy
Year of birth: 1954
Town: Kotka
Title: attorney-at-law
Email: johan@bardy.fi
Phone: +358 400 486060