Joacim Sandbacka

Voting region: Vaasa

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I am 49 years old and work as a regional manager for Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia at Folkhälsan. I have a master´s degree in education. I am married to Carola and have three children between the ages of 14-20. I live in Nedervetil in Kronoby right at the border to Central Ostrobothnia. I am involved in politics as a board member in the county board and as member of the county council of Ostrobothnia wellbeing services.When I am not working or are involved in politics you can find me as a soccer coach or team manager. I also love to hunt and i have played tuba for 35 years.

Name: Joacim Sandbacka
Year of birth: 1973
Town: Kronoby
Title: Regional manager
Email: joacim.sandbacka@gmail.com
Phone: 044-7883647
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthcare and social services

The big reform of all wellbeing services in Finland took effect on January 1st this year. It involves everything from social care to hospital services and rescue services. We need to monitor the progress of the reform to be able to provide the best wellbeing services in the world.

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Finland has been the most successful country regarding its educational system in the world for years. The latest reforms in the system have had an impact on our results and I am concerned. Sometimes the smart thing to do is to take a step back and reevaluate what we have done, correct some of the mistakes so we once again can offer the best education in the world.

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Rural areas and the archipelago

I live on the countryside, on a farm that my brother runs. The development in prices for agricultural products is going the wrong way. If we are going to be able to provide food for our citizens in the future, we need to act now! Many also choose to live on the countryside because of the beautiful nature. You can also choose to work anywhere in the world from home. For all of this we need to have good services and communications.

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