Ida Susi

Voting region: Satakunta

"I want to promote responsible and sustainable economic policy. Technology and especially export is what Finland needs to invest in."

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I am an Environment and Safety Manager, Master in Tech., student and mother. In addition to the aforementioned activities, my hobbies include sauna and year-round swimming in the river. I am the project manager of the Urastartti fair organized by the Rauma Youth Chamber of Commerce and the secretary of the board of the LC-96-Pori club.

Name: Ida Susi
Year of birth: 1984
Town: Pori
Title: Environment and Safety Manager, Master in Tech.
Email: ida.aleksandra.susi@gmail.com

Important political topics


I want to promote Finland's economic growth and enable the establishment of more companies. Well-being is financed by work, not by unbalanced indebtedness.

Finland must have an open market economy, which includes economic diversity, healthy competition, clear legislation, a high level of competence, an ecologically and socially sustainable economy, efficient administration and a more dynamic labor market! This is how we develop the Finnish economy at the pace of international competition.

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Finland's success and well-being are based on high-quality and equal education as well as high-quality research, development and innovations. This secures our future competitiveness and employment.

Children must have the right to quality early childhood education. The starting point of early childhood education should be the best for children, such as parity, equality and versatile language skills. This means that all children should have a subjective right to day care.

Higher education and research must be developed so that they are at the top of the world in terms of quality.

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Research and innovation

Research, development and innovation, as well as collaboration between higher education institutions and start-up companies must be supported.

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