Henrika Franck

Voting region: Helsinki

"Compassionate Economy"

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High-quality education and research are the cornerstones of sustainable economic policy. I am a strong voice for a Finland where more and more people from different backgrounds can work. I am married, a mother of two grown-up daughters, an affiliated professor in organizational ethics and strategy, dean of research at Arcada UAS, a columnist, a singer, a theatre fan and a motorcyclist. My 30-year career has been varied, I have worked as a journalist at YLE, as head of marketing and communications at Hanken, researcher, university lecturer and professor of practice, and now as dean responsible for research and master's education at Arcada.

Name: Henrika Franck
Year of birth: 1970
Town: Helsinki
Email: henrika.franck@gmail.com
www: https://www.henrikafranck.com
Member in:

Important political topics

Research and innovation

We need to invest more in research and development, better cooperation between universities and industry and to keep growth companies in Finland. High-quality research and higher education are at the heart of a functioning democracy and a sustainable economy.

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Jobs and entrepreneurship

It must be profitable to work. Finland's workers are not enough, we need foreign labour and smoother labour immigration. We should also create measures to improve occupational health and facilitate the transition of young people to working life.

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Everyone should have the opportunity to live their everyday life in our two national languages, Swedish and Finnish. I am working to ensure that we continue to have a Swedish-language education system, culture, associations and organisations, and Swedish-language media.

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