Heidi Himmanen

Voting region: Uusimaa

"In my vision Finland is the world's safest and economically, ecologically and socially most sustainable country. Our schools are the best and our people are the happiest in the world."

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My name is Heidi, I am 43 years old, bilingual, mother, doctor of science in technology, ICT professional, promoter of innovations, civil servant, lieutenant in the reserve and city council member with the courage and skills to strive for new, better solutions. I am your candidate in Uusimaa.

Finland's success is based on education, research and know-how. We need the Nordic welfare society, clean nature, functioning infrastructure and strong international cooperation, including defense and NATO. We should stop living on debt. A functioning welfare society needs a successful business life.

Name: Heidi Himmanen
Year of birth: 1979
Email: heidi.himmanen@gmail.com
Member in:

Important political topics

Security and safety

I want Finland to be the world's safest and most secure country for everyone who lives, works and stays here.

In addition to defense and the future NATO membership, we must think more about the overall safety of society, which we all contribute to. Important focus areas are the capacity of social and health care, domestic and clean energy and food production and everyone's own preparedness. We must continue to share knowledge and understanding, conduct preparedness exercises, protect our critical infrastructure and increase media literacy.

It must be safe to live in Finland and walk in the streets. We must do our utmost to prevent crime and violence in society and in homes.

Security is a functioning everyday life: that we all have important people and meaningful content in our lives, enough money to live and trust that we will get help when needed. Special attention must be paid to people, who need support: children, young people and families, those with challenges due to physical or psychological obstacles or illnesses, those facing economic challenges, victims of crime.

In Finland, we have all the conditions for a good life. After all, Finland has already been named the world's happiest country for the fifth time. Let's keep everyone along.

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Research and innovation

A transition to a more sustainable and digitised society is underway. Finland has every opportunity to help the whole world become more sustainable, but the way to get there must also be sustainable for our economy and our society. I believe that sustainable investments in, among other things, energy, digitalisation, infrastructure and business opportunities enable us and future generations to enjoy the beautiful clean Finnish nature and the opportunities of the Nordic welfare society.

Our industries and companies have excellent opportunities to develop innovations and new solutions to make Finland and the world more sustainable and at the same time bring more economic welfare. The success of the Finnish export industry is the basis for our economic well-being, which enables our Nordic welfare society. Of course, this also requires financial investments in research, development and innovations by both the public and the private sector.

Digitalisation creates opportunities to successfully implement the major and structural changes that society is undergoing right now. We must put the citizens and the business community at the center of service development. Finland is in first place in the EU's digitalisation ranking and Finns' digital competence is the best in the EU (DESI index 2022). Sustainable digital technology helps the EU reach the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

SFP's press release 2.11.2022:
Heidi Himmanen leads the work on developing SFP's energy policy program (in Swedish)

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We should have the best schools in the world!

I want the Finnish education system to be the best in the world! Finland has topped the PISA measurements, which measure the level of education and learning, for several years. A clear societal trend is that the gaps between young people have become wider and there are more and more school students and young adults with various special needs and psychological challenges. I want us to invest in children and young people, from early childhood education, primary school, second stage (including high schools and vocational training) to universities and colleges. Working life also requires opportunities for continuing education and skills for lifelong learning. Education and know-how are the basis of Finland's success!

According to the 2018 PISA assessment, where the emphasis was on reading comprehension, Finnish young people were among the best. A longer-term examination shows that the trend for reading comprehension is decreasing in Finland and in the OECD countries on average. Knowledge in natural sciences and mathematics has also declined in the longer term. We must ensure that our curriculum is balanced and teachers are guaranteed the conditions to do a good job and conditions in schools are at a good level throughout Finland.

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