Håkan Blomberg

Voting region: Uusimaa

"Careful improvements to supply readiness, primary production and care, especially elderly care."

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Håkan works at an international secretariat within environmental protection (HELCOM) as ICT Administrator. Håkan is an active association person especially within sports, but also within local politics and local history society. Håkan enjoys also playing golf.

Name: Håkan Blomberg
Year of birth: 1957
Town: Esbo
Title: ICT Administrator
Email: hakan.blomberg@outlook.com

Important political topics

Agriculture, forestry and fishery

The recent crises have shown the deficiency in our supply readiness. Availability of energy (especially renewable and domestic) needs to be safeguarded, but primary production of food and other necessities is at least as important.

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Elderly care

Our population is aging and noticeable efforts in elderly care is needed. Individual prosperity on all planes needs to be promoted for both old and young individuals.

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