Frida Sigfrids

Voting region: Uusimaa

"For less hindsight wisdom"

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My name is Frida Sigfrids, and I am running for Parliament in Uusimaa for the second time. I am the youngest member of the City Council in Porvoo, as well as a council representative in the wellbeing services county of Eastern Uusimaa. In addition, I work at the Parliament and am well aware of how the parliamentary work is conducted in practice. I have chosen to run for Parliament because I wish to contribute to long-term decision-making, and an increased belief in the future. We need to be able to see the consequences of the decisions we make today, and how they will influence generations to come that are unable to make their voices heard. Politics cannot build upon an understanding of the future that only extends to one’s own parliamentary period. It is a question of climate, economics, education, and much more. I hope to become the voice of you and generations to come in the Parliament after April, 2023.

Name: Frida Sigfrids
Year of birth: 1996
Town: Porvoo
Title: Parliamentary assistant, Master of Social Science
Email: fridasigfrids@gmail.com
Phone: 040 5910874
www: https://www.fridasigfrids.fi
Member in:

Important political topics

Climate and the environment

The upcoming Parliament and government will receive a decisive mandate for how well we are able to accomplish the goals within environmental and climate politics. That is why it is extraordinarily important that we on April 2 elect decision makers for Parliament that wish to prevent climate change and extinguish at least some of the devastating consequences that global warming may lead to. This is something I am ready to do.

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Without equality in education and research striving for progression, Finland has nothing. A good general education builds the individual footing for an independent life, and a high level of education further gives Finland the opportunity to thrive in international competition. A good education also creates wellbeing and belief in the future. It is something we need to be able to offer every child and young person in all of Finland.

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Jobs and entrepreneurship

The labour market of Finland is currently screaming for more labour. The current Parliament of Finland does not see this need. In order to maintain our welfare state we therefore need increased labour immigration. The Finnish demographic cannot be solved without inviting more people into Finland. We do not need more racism, populism, or more oppositions. What we need is people who are willing to come to Finland in order to help us maintain the welfare state we have built together.

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