Emma Ringbom

Voting region: Helsinki

"Climate, environment, energy policy and our well-being are challenges where only a holistic approach can provide sustainable solutions. These are the issues I want to tackle!"

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I was born and raised in Helsinki. I am an active sea scout and I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since 2021, I have been a member of the party caucus for the Swedish People’s Party and I am also a deputy member of the Helsinki National Language Board. I have been active in Teknologföreningen, TFiF and the Finnish Scouts. I work as a Digital Project Manager, responsible for digital solutions in the energy sector.

My interest in scouting and technology is also reflected in my candidacy. Environmental and climate issues and energy policy have never been more relevant than today. Only a holistic approach can provide sustainable solutions to the challenges in these areas. These issues are close to my heart and I am not afraid to take them on. I also want to ensure that children, the young, adults and the elderly are doing well and can look to their future in Finland with confidence.

Name: Emma Ringbom
Year of birth: 1991
Town: Helsinki
Title: Digital Project Manager
www: https://emmaringbom.com
Member in:

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