Terhi Vörlund-Wallenius

Voting region: Varsinais-Suomi

"For equity, security and well-oiled services."

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- Born 1964, bilingual ((Fi/Swe)
- Born and raised in Vaasa, living in Turku since 1982
- Family: husband Kaj and rescue cat Gebhard
- Licentiate of Medicine, General Practitioner in Turku since 1990
- Parliamentary election candidate for SFP in Southwest Finland 2023
- Mayoral candidate for SFP in Turku in the 2021 municipal election
- City council member 1998-2017, 2021-
- Board for education and upbringing 2021-
- Chairman of the Swedish section for education and upbringing 2021-
- Swedish delegation of the Association of Municipalities 2018-
- 1st deputy in the City council 1997, 2017-2021
- The City Cultural Board 2009-2021
- The Coty Social Board 2001-2008
- Swedish department of the Board of Education 1997-2000
- Turku Multicultural Council 2015-2017
- Provincial Council of Southwest Finland, regional representative 2001-2017, 2021-
- The Swedish reform group (Association of Municipalities and The Swedish Assembly of Finland) 2015-2017
- Working member, Samfundet Folkhälsan 2013-
- Board member, Folkhälsans förbund 2017-
- Expert board member, LF Folkhälsan i Åboland 1996-
- Board member of Turku Swedish Theater Association r.f. 1.1.2022-
- Chairman of Turku Swedish Doctor’s Association 1999, 2000, 2009
- Interests: singing and music, needlework, evening walks

Name: Terhi Vörlund-Wallenius
Year of birth: 1964
Town: Turku
Title: Licentiate of Medicine (M.D.), General practitioner
Email: terhi.vorlund-wallenius@turku.fi
www: https://www.facebook.com/terhivw
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthcare and social services

No more cut downs should be done in basic health care, it must receive more resources in the future. Current resource shortages ultimately lead to large additional costs for society. Preventive care bears fruit. Health care services must be arranged in Finnish and Swedish depending on the patient's mother tongue, as required by law. Also in elderly care the Swedish-speaking have the right to be met in their own language. The corona era has led to a significant "care debt" that will take a long time to sort out. With the social and health care reform the responsibility for service production has been moved from the municipalities to welfare areas, so right now it is extremely important to monitor that linguistic rights are not disregarded or bypassed. The public sector must fundamentally be strong, but cooperation with the third sector or purchasing services can and should sometimes be used as a supplement.

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Finnish society should strive for greater equality and tolerance on all fronts and should not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form. All people must be of equal value regardless of skin color, gender, language, disability, religion or sexual identity. An individual who feels excluded from society is easier prey for extremist movements. Therefore, society must work against exclusion on a broad front. Movements and organizations whose ideology or influencing methods are against the law shall not be granted visibility or allowed to operate. Hate speech should not be tolerated in any form. The next government program must include work against discrimination and racism.

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Security and safety

The current state of the world causes us all to feel both anxiety and uncertainty. It is important that Finland's defense is in good condition. NATO membership would further improve our security. Finland's and the entire EU's aid to Ukraine must of course continue. It is important to send both financial and humanitarian aid. Without forgetting the military. I wholeheartedly support the proposals to send tanks from our armed forces' warehouses. But of course we must not weaken our own defense either. Such aid packages should be compensated with new acquisitions.
Safety and security should also be observed at home. We should prevent youth from forming gangs. This is best done through measures that counteract exclusion. Bullying, discrimination and racism are all things that can push young people in a dangerous direction. Young people who have their lives under control do not join gang activities.

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