Suraindran Kamalakanan

Voting region: Savo-Karelia

"The best decision about voting for Suraindran is voters will get the most experienced candidate with proven performance, who genuinely cares for truth, honestly and integrity."

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I am a former Risk Management expert from Nokia Corporation and I have 21 years of International experience in Banking, Finance, Insurance and Technology, and have excellent skills as a politician to resolve the current economic issues in Finland and keep our country secured. I am enthusiastic about yoga, childrens rights and I am also a Novelist working on a French Novel.

Name: Suraindran Kamalakanan
Year of birth: 1973
Town: Kuopio
Title: Entrepreneur
Email: surain73@gmail.com
Phone: 0402596864

Important political topics


Our country is currently going into a recession due to high inflation and energy crises. Its a long and painful process to resolve inflation problems for every government. As I have 21 years of international experience in Financial Services, I do have remedy for this problems once elected.

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Children and youth

Presently our youth is experiencing high level of violence. Our authorities has recorded number of crime cases from Oulu to Helsinki. Secondly, we now have deep issues on our youth on drugs and illegal substance abuse. It takes a politician with a strong persona to solve hard issues. I am that politician that wants to work closely with the community and authorities to remedy this problem.

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Jobs and entrepreneurship

We are facing hard and challenging times and the unemployment situation in Finland is bad and getting worse. The issue is lack of job creation and in order for that to happen is that we need to boost entrepreneurship. We need government agencies to provide necessary grants for micro companies. Innovation needs to continue in Finland.

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