Pekka Sinervo

Voting region: Oulu

"Health and wellbeing to all. The importance of preventive services. Mainteining working ability. No more additional payments for entrepreneurs regarding occupational health care. Healthy entrepreneurs, healthy Finns!"

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I am 56 years old doctor, dentist, entrepreneur and father of five.
I find it important to treat people equally.

Name: Pekka Sinervo
Year of birth: 1966
Town: Oulu
Title: Doctor, dentist, entrepreneur
Email: pekkajjsinervo@gmail.com
Phone: 0400585166

Important political topics

Security and safety

For the sake of national security the proper connections to the west are vital. Even for the security of supplier Northern Finland and Oulu needs direct train connections to Stockholm and further into Europe with european track width. Global security and sustainable development includes also taking care of diversity of nature and climate.

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