Julia Ståhle

Voting region: Uusimaa

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I am the president of Swedish Youth of Finland, the youth party of the Swedish People's Party of Finland, a single parent and a student of political science at the University of Helsinki. I have strong knowledge of social policy and I am passionate about ensuring that everyone in our society feels secure about the future.

My own experience as a single parent and widow has strongly shaped my will to ensure that our welfare society is in fact the safety net it's meant to be. We need to renew our social security in a direction that reflects the challenges of today, both regarding family leave as well as working life.

As a young person and a student, I am also very worried about the situation the youth population is in, especially regarding the growing mental health crisis. We cannot afford to cut down on the well-being of youth, so we must see cross-sector collaboration to first offer low-threshold support, and also change the structures that fundamentally create the malaise we see today.

Name: Julia Ståhle
Year of birth: 1997
Town: Espoo
Title: President of Swedish Youth of Finland
Email: julia.stahle@su.fi
www: https://www.juliastahle.com/
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