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As Member of Parliament (since 2015) and Chairman of the City Council in Vaasa (Chair since 2012, member since 2005) I am very proud of the fact that our part of the country is so internationally oriented and unique in many ways. In Vaasa alone, over 100 different languages are represented. We have a very strong export industry, lots of foreign students and other citizens with different national backgrounds. For many people in our region using 3-4 different languages is everyday life. This is something we need to develop further. We should support and encourage all kinds of activities with the purpose of getting to know new cultures and learning new languages – foreign or domestic. Being open – with an international mindset – is essential also when it comes to attracting even more investments and new jobs around our famous energy technology cluster. I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to defend and to develop the Vaasa Region and work for an international Finland also in the future. I would be honored to YOUR VOTE AND VOICE in the Parliament also in the coming years.

Name: Joakim Strand
Year of birth: 1982
Town: Vaasa
Title: Chairman of the City Council in Vaasa, Member of Parliament of Finland, Master of Laws, Master of Science (Econ.)
Email: joakim.strand@eduskunta.fi
www: https://joakimstrand.fi
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