Frida Forsblom-Prittinen

Voting region: Uusimaa

"A voice (and a vote) for children, young people and preventive social work"

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I am a 36-year-old mother and wife. I am a social worker with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Helsinki. I have also attended specialization studies in social work with children, youth and families. I have worked as a school social worker since 2016, and have a background in disability services as well as a youth worker leader. I live in Vantaa.

A vote for me in the parliamentary election on 2 April 2023 is a vote for a Finland that prioritizes the well-being of our children, young people and families. For a Finland with the world's best school and educational path. For an equal society where everyone regardless of background can feel safe and for a Finland where everyone can live their everyday lives in our two national languages, Swedish and Finnish.

Name: Frida Forsblom-Prittinen
Year of birth: 1986
Town: Vantaa
Title: Specialist social worker MSSc and School social worker
Email: frida.forsblom@outlook.com
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