Fredrik Rantala

Voting region: Uusimaa

"One for all and all for one! We are all needed, young, families, seniors, entrepreneurs and workers!"

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Entrepreneur, active for a long time in the harbor and car-import in Hanko, nowadays as a foreman.

Married family-father, I want to push forward family awareness, youth matters and also see that senior matters are taken care of, especially healthcare so everybody can thrive in our society. Working and being an entrepreneur must be worthwhile for everybody.

Also senors have to be taken care of, support living at home as long as possible, but also see that you have a good life when you can't anymore live on your own.

Name: Fredrik Rantala
Year of birth: 1985
Town: Hanko
Title: Entrepreneur, Doctoral-student
Email: rantala.fredrik@gmail.com