Elina Sagne-Ollikainen

Voting region: Helsinki

"Different kinds of persons are needed in the work for a good society. For the political work it is very important to incorporate many perspectives and to widen the horizon. I am a good listener and strong in building networks. I am also multilingual, open, curious and a life loving person - my efforts are very much needed in the Parliament of Finland."

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Hello! Great that you wanted to read a bit more about med!

As an MP, I want Finland to continue to work for the wellbeing of the environment and the people. This includes focusing on education, equitable and accessible social and healthcare services and understanding economy. My heart beats for the aims formulated in Agenda 2030 on ecological, economical and social sustainability, that is closely linked to peace, inclusion and the full enjoyment of human rights.

I am currently doing a PhD at Åbo Akademi at the Institute for Human Rights. Before that, I have been working for a Swedish Finnish NGO called FDUV, or Inclusion Finland.

I have entered finnish politics five years ago, always with the target to work at the national level, as an MP. Why? Because I think Finland needs more international MP's and persons who can open up for new possibilities and discussions in the political sphere.

In 2021, I was elected vice president for SFP in Helsinki. In that same year SFP did its best election since almost 30 years back. We almost got a sixth mandate in Helsinki.

Now, we are aiming high as well. Please, be part of that journey, let us earn your trust.

Name: Elina Sagne-Ollikainen
Year of birth: 1982
Town: Helsinki
Title: Vicepresident SFP Helsingfors, Phd researcher
Email: elina.sagne-ollikainen@abo.fi
www: https://www.elinasagneollikainen.com
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