Anna Hultin Pashley

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"Are we equal yet?"

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Actress with a career spanning over 35 years taking me to Canada and Japan and back home again. Now also a playwright. Married for 30+ years (to a Canadian), mother of three, Labrador owner. On the board of the Finnish actors union and the Swedish National Theatre.
I feel hope for the future and a willingness to work together for a better tomorrow.

Name: Anna Hultin Pashley
Year of birth: 1965
Title: Actor
Email: ahultinpashley@gmail.com
www: https://annahultinpashley.com
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Important political topics


In our culture we don’t talk enough about culture. That should change. We need to raise the cultural budget to 1%. In short, culture isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity for our society. Culture doesn’t mean only art or entertainment. It is what forms our identity, develops our senses, connects us with our past and gives us a sense of meaning and belonging. The cultural sector and culture industry are already a substantial part of our economy. They employ nearly 120.000 persons in Finland and produce an income for the public sector of 3,4 billion euros through taxes and tax related fees (Kulta ry). But culture is and could be so much more. It is a motor for growth and innovation, it provides jobs for artists, musicians, authors and many other professional groups who don’t stand in the limelight. It has the power to inspire people and create contacts across many different types of borders. Culture also plays a big part in our education and for our personal development. We can get new points of view and an ability to, and tools for, understanding others. By encouraging creative and critical thinking, we can prepare our society for the challenges of the future. The cultural industry is often overlooked and underrated. However it is an industry that supports growth, creates jobs and enriches our lives. But in order to work and function in such a small language context as Finnish is, our cultural life needs help by, for example, support for our institutions, for our freelance artists and cultural workers. Together we can make sure that our Finnish culture remains a lively and integrated part of our lives, now and in the future.

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Healthcare and social services

Preventive and health supportive measures are beneficial for both the individual and for our society as a whole: the individual stays healthier and suffers less and our society saves money from our common funds. In my campaign I choose to emphasise three topics regarding health and social services. The health of women through life, the treatment cues and mental health.
The lack of research and knowledge, make for a lack of societal understanding of women’s health. It is often difficult and time-consuming for a woman to get the needed help for her ailments. This shows also as a lack of understanding in, for example, workplaces where women’s health issues are largely ignored. We cannot turn a blind eye on the equality aspect of this. We need to defend each individual in all the different segments of society. We need to secure good healthcare for everyone and also make the healthcare sector a good and secure workplace for its workers. By securing the betterment of the workplace for our already existing workers we can make sure that the workload is kept reasonable. Research shows us that if the healthcare center provides a swift and close contact with a doctor, it results in early and preventive care, as well as a lower work load for the healthcare providers.
I want to see a treatment guarantee. If you ask for help you should receive it, preferably sooner than later. It is of utmost importance to have preventive measures in place and societal functions that sees the person at an early stage. It benefits not only the individual, who has greater possibilities of recovery and perhaps less suffering, but it also gives our society a chance to save on healthcare costs. We must not make the same mistakes as during the depression of the nineties when big cuts were made to the support mechanisms of children and young people. Still today, people who grew up in the nineties are three times more likely to suffer from mental health issues.

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We are living in challenging times, but by working together and by creating a fair and equal policy for our economy, we can secure Finland´s position as one of the best countries in the world to live in. High inflation and living costs, together with runaway electricity prices, make us feel insecure and worry about what tomorrow might bring. The war our neighbour started, just add to the feeling of instability. A strong welfare society protects us from many problems. By building a resilient society we can evade the worst blows. Therefor it is of the essence that our economy is built on a just and fair principle that sees to the needs of every member of society. We need to lower inflation and stabilise the economy. However, responsible use of funds does not mean that it should be the less fortunate ones who are made to foot the bill. We need to carry the weight equally, let´s focus on maintaining and developing our model of the welfare state, a model that has helped us in the past, to reach our place of current accomplishments. By doing so we will strengthen our democracy, counteract inequality, criminality, social exclusion and child poverty, to name a few.

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