Alex Seitsamo

Voting region: Helsinki

"Right-liberal. Smart energy transition. Taxation that encourages work and investment. Increased competitiveness. Positive development!"

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I am a 39-year-old economist and am bilingual. I work as an analyst in the electricity market. I have a solid interest in energy issues, economics and security policy. I stood in the municipal elections in 2021 and was elected deputy board member in HSY. I am particularly interested in a smart transition to fossil-free energy and in a society where individual and public responsibilities are balanced.

What Finland needs is a positive belief in the future. We need to bravely face our challenges, build a more diverse economy, cut red tape and safeguard our security in a troubled world. We have a lot to gain in the energy transition. It is important to invest wisely and use taxpayers' money with respect. I want to work so that Finland continues to be a good country.

Name: Alex Seitsamo
Year of birth: 1983
Town: Helsinki
Title: Senior analyst

Important political topics


I stand for a continued investment in fossil-free energy production. By doing so, we increase our degree of self-sufficiency and contribute to achieving our climate goals. The new technology increases our competitiveness and creates new jobs.

Since Russia started its war of aggression against Ukraine, we live in a more uncertain world where an energy crisis prevails. We have become aware of our vulnerability and the importance of secure supply and stable price energy. The energy transition has already been going on for many years, but the war has accelerated this.

In concrete terms, we need to change the Nuclear Energy Act so that we can put small modular nuclear power plants (SMR) into operation as soon as possible. Through the expansion of wind power, we can produce hydrogen that makes currently emission-intensive industries economically and ecologically sensible in the future.

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Taxpayers' money must be used with respect. The politicians' task is to prioritise how public funds are used, a change is needed. During the past parliamentary period, the state has lived beyond its means and expanded in almost all areas. To protect the welfare state, we must prioritise what is important.

By definition, the tax rate is high in a welfare society. However, it must spur economic activity. It is not healthy for middle income earners to pay a marginal tax of over 50%. The capital tax should not be progressive and the inheritance tax should be abolished in the long run.

To improve Finland's competitiveness, we should improve conditions for fostering successful companies. We should also attract talented workers from abroad while investing in education and research.

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Foreign policy and defence

Foreign policy has become ever more strongly connected with defence policy due to Russia's brutal attack on Ukraine and China's increased ambitions for power. The security situation has been deteriorating for a long time, not only in Europe but also globally. Uncertainty decreases trade and prosperity, not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.

Russia's war in Ukraine has shown that there is determination in Europe and NATO. Arms and ammunition deliveries to Ukraine have enabled an effective defence. Finlands’ defence capability is good, the situational awareness is up-to-date, and the learnings from the war in Ukraine are used for closing existing gaps. At the same time, we have noticed shortcomings in the defence capabilities of many European countries, including Germany, France and Sweden. Finland must work for the European NATO members to shoulder greater responsibility for their security, and that all members use at least 2% of GDP for defence.

Åland's demilitarisation is a historic relic and makes Åland and Finland more vulnerable. The obvious way to reduce the security risk is to end demilitarisation and close the Russian consulate in Mariehamn. Now is the right time to reshape outdated agreements. Russia is weak and busy waging war in Ukraine.

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