Silja Borgarsdóttir Sandelin

Voting region: Helsinki

"The challenges of the last years have rattled our society. The global pandemic as well and Russia’s brutal invasion in Ukraine has had a big impact on us. While much focus is placed at these crises, climate change is also ever-present and rapid actions are still needed to tackle it. The lives of people, healthcare and maintaining public safety has required remarkable investments over the last years. The price tag can by no means be left for our children and grandchildren to pay. Therefore, we must discuss the economy and growth of the coming years with great emphasis. The decisions we make must carry a long way and be sustainable. Our actions cannot by any means, pull the rug out from under our coming generations."

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I have involved myself and worked with important questions in society since the first time I ran for office in a national election back in 2009. My final decision to run for parliament this spring this time around needed some deliberation due to a big change in my personal life, meanwhile the world is encountering big challenges.

Becoming a mother this spring has required time to think if it is the right time for me to run for parliament. After serious deliberation it became clear, that the parliamentary elections are even more important than before. As politicians we will need to make several substantial decisions during the coming government that carry a long way into the future. I have now more reason than ever, to want to have a seat where these decisions are made.

In the last government I have served as special advisor to the minister and been responsible for fiscal policy as well as security- and defense policy. To have the opportunity to follow the decision making of our nation closely has been immensely inspiring and instructive. This experience has given me an excellent starting point to an election campaign and the role of member of parliament from Helsinki. It would also be a natural continuation of my work in Helsinki city council over the last six years.

Name: Silja Borgarsdóttir Sandelin
Year of birth: 1985
Town: Helsinki
Title: Special Advisor to the Minister of Justice
Email: silja@sfp.fi
Phone: 0503668291
www: https://www.silja.nu
Member in:

Important political topics