Päivi Storgård

Voting region: Uusimaa

"The voice of the silent "

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I defend thouse who don't have the strength to demand care for their mental problems. It is vital. Guarantee for therapy haa to get included in the ward guarantee.

I am mother of three adult children and my job is to write both articles and books. I help as a volonteer persons with problems of mental health and I travel around the country and tell about mental issues. I have studied education and have worked as s substitute teacher a long time. I know what's going on in schools today. Also my daughter is a teacher. I have been vice chair of the sfp 2011-2015 and a member of the Helsinki city counsel 2012-2016. In terms of security I have attended the nationwide defence course.

Name: Päivi Storgård
Year of birth: 1966
Town: Loviisa
Title: Journalist
www: https://www.paivistorgard.fi